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My first solo album of all original music is now available for download on Bandcamp. This album is a cinematic and layered blend of acoustic sounds of violin plus voice and percussion.

Look for it to be available on all streaming services in the coming months.


Issue #1

released July 2011 (Tritticali Music TM-01)

Trio Tritticali’s debut album is a cornucopia of string styles, from jazz and Latin covers “Stolen Moments” and “Corcovado,” to a spirited tango “La Yumba,” Arabic dance “Azizah,” and original rock tunes “Who Knows Yet” and “Issue No.1.”


The upside-down string quartet – with two cellos instead of the usual two violins.

The Strange Parade, their third CD, an independent release in 2007, showcases Invert’s distinctive mix of original compositions and improvisations. Besides featuring six compositions by Invert’s cellists Chris George and Steven Berson, “The Strange Parade” also includes their own arrangement of “Yumeji’s Theme” (from the movie “In The Mood For Love”) and eight group collaborations creating dramatic and haunting soundscapes.

Between The Seconds, released January 2004 (Capstone Records CPS-8729), the second Invert CD release, featuring five original compositions by Inverts members, three group improvisations, and original arrangements of Bernard Hermann’s Prelude to “Psycho” and The Beatle’s “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

Invert, released December 2001 (Inverted Music IM-01), the first official Invert CD release featuring six original compositions by Invert’s members

Invert also appears on these recordings

Allied Radio Recordings volume 1 (Allied Radio) released May 2001. Invert’s “After The Fall” is the lead off track on seven band compilation from indie label based in Roanoke, Virginia

Guided By Voices: Universal Truths & Cycles (Matador Records) released June 2002, backing string sections on the song “Pretty Bombs”

Guided By Voices: “Dig Through My Windows” (Fading Captain Series #20) released May 2002 backing string sections on B side of “Back To The Lake” limited edition 7″ single

Jesse Malin: Glitter in the Gutter (Adeline Records) released March 2007, backing string sections on song “Broken Radio” which also featured guest vocal from Bruce Springstein

More Recording Projects

I had the pleasure of participating in a number of other recording projects. Here are some highlights.

  • Jason Kao Hwang / Spontaneous River: Symphony of Souls (Mulatta Records) 2011, violin
  • Neil Rolnick: The Economic Engine (Innova Recordings) 2009, yangqin on “The Economic Engine”
  • Music From China: Tales From The Cave (Delos Records) 2004, yangqin on the track “Heng (Eternity)”
  • Neycha: White Noise (Lucy Kool Records) 2005, violin on “White Noise” and “What About Ed”
  • Mairéad: Open the Door (Independent release) 2003, backing violin on tracks
  • Ghosts of the Canal: Five Episodes From The Subconscious (Lakeshore Records, C.O.M.A. Imprint) released 2002, improvised work, spontaneously mixed straight to DAT
  • Gil Selinger and Modern Chamber Orchestra: Deconstructing Haydn (Novodisc Recordings) 2002, violin
  • Maria Logis, Alan Turry: Do I Dare Imagine (Independent release) 2000, violin
  • The Submonotones: Agnostic Mythology (Topless Records) 1999, violin and fake cello
  • Too Cynical to Cry: What Are You Afraid Of? (Bellyfish) 1998, violin and backing vocals
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